Trauma and Life Coaching in Penticton

Love Waves Coaching and Counseling is a place where clients who have experienced trauma can come to a safe place and talk about their problems.

I provide two types of counseling/coaching:

  1. Complex Trauma coaching and counseling for clients who have experienced loss/grief, abuse, sexual abuse, domestic abuse, childhood traumas or family traumas and
  2. Life coaching for people who are seeking personal growth development.
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    Sheila D Bergland

    Sheila D Bergland
    Counselor and Trauma Specialist

    I am Sheila D Bergland. In 2008 I completed my counseling certificate from Vancouver College of Counselor Training. In 2020 I decided to continue my studies with a Life Coaching diploma from Performance Coach University. I then moved to Penticton in September of 2020 and started planning this business. In 2021 I went back for my Complex Trauma Coaching Certificate. This was completed by March 2022. Love Waves will begin accepting clients on June 1, 2022. I look forward to helping clients that need my services, and to helping the wider Penticton community.

    As a business owner, my community, the people around me, my clients and my employees mean a lot to me. I will be expanding into a team practice over the next few years, and providing an environment for my employees to develop, and where they can feel comfortable seeking my advice.

    I am committed to establishing the trust of my clients; everything said between the client and myself is confidential. Helping individuals to grow and be successful is giving back to my Penticton community. Through the COVID-19 pandemic, I became aware of the need to help others during these traumatic times.

    I also have past experience working in group homes, childcare, teen pregnancy programs, and with brain injury patients.  I am registered with AON for Healthcare Insurance as a Counselor for individual Practitioner. I am not able to process insurance claims at this time.

    I offer Christian counseling, domestic abuse counseling, and trauma counseling.

    Vision Statement

    Catching one wave at a time, when you are in a middle of a storm, it seems the world is collapsing around you. You may be feeling like you are drowning and can’t catch your breath. Love Waves Coaching and Counseling can help you with catching one wave at a time, to know your worth, to know you are enough, and to understand you are loved beyond measure. You will understand your purpose, and gain self-worth. You might not be able to see this through the storm, but soon you will be able to see it through love and gentle waves. You are standing in the breeze with someone who understands your pain. You will overcome your fears.

    Through the most challenging times in your life, when struggles may come from very deep wounds, the only thing you can do is feel. When you are trying to fix all your needs and problems at one time it seems the load is too heavy and you can’t carry the weight. Through this program, you will come to understand what pain and struggles come from trauma. Trauma comes in many sizes, shapes and forms and addressing each one of them can be very difficult. To have a coach/counselor who understands this pain and suffering can bring you relief. I am someone who will help you, guide you, and walk with you. I am someone who will show love, compassion and understanding. Love Waves Coaching and Counseling can help you. Remember there is only one of you and you do have a purpose in this life. I will help you resolve your pain, to love yourself, and to fully understand your self-worth.

    Questions? Give Me A Call:


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    • Trauma sessions are offered for 1, 3 and 6-month periods. All programs include a summary overview of where the clients are in their progress at the end. Clients will be encouraged to talk about their past life experiences and take home two focus questions to work on and discuss at the next meeting. Your Trauma program also includes a 1-month gym membership from City Center Health and Fitness in Penticton (to help give you energy, strength and confidence).
    • Life coaching sessions are four 1-hour sessions within a 1-month period.  This personal growth/Life coaching program is ideal for anyone who wants to learn more about themselves and become more successful. The program runs in four sessions over 1 month for $1200.00. We will discuss your goals and what you want they need from this program to take them to a higher level of success.
    • Life Coaching One-hour Session – the format is a 20-minute intake question period with 40 minutes of coaching.

    As your counsellor I am available on email at all times.

    Programs include:

    Personal Growth Program
    (1 month)

    • growing as an individual
    • working together to make the client better

    Complex Trauma Program
    (1 month)

    • Understanding loss
    • going into the deep inner hurt as a child
    • work with their pain as a child 

    Complex Trauma Program
    (3 months)

    • Work on focus questions 
    • Understanding loss
    • going into the past 
    • Working with pain from past to present 

    Complex Trauma Program
    (6 months)

    • Work on focus questions
    • Understanding their loss
    • Working with pain from past to present
    • Videos for reparenting their inner child
    • Healing from trauma from the past
    • Understanding anxiety, PTSD,
    • Understanding the hurt (working out of your limbic brain into your
    • cortex brain; negative to positive)
    • 1-month gym membership for building health and wellness


    What is your process for client intake?

    The client process begins with filling out an intake form and after reviewing this information, counseling can begin. When talking about a present situation, something from the past may come up. The journey into the past is very important, as it may illuminate where trauma originates. I let my clients take control of their situation by listening, asking questions and paraphrasing without adding psychological or emotional pressure. The client takes control of the conversation and they take their session where it needs to go.

    Can clients reach you for help between counseling sessions if something comes up?

    Clients have access to me via email at all times.

    Have you ever had a counselor or life coach?

    Yes, which helped me gain confidence and a deeper understanding of the potential life-changing value in counseling/coaching support.

    How would I select which length of program is needed?

    This will depend on what issues you are struggling with. Please give me a call to discuss and I will suggest a program for you.

    How would a counselor/life coach meet my needs?

    A coach helps a person with their past, present and future problems and to understand what is going on. As a counselor I listen and understand with compassion. I let my clients know they are in a safe environment.

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    Love Waves Coaching and Counselling

    Sheila Bergland – Trauma Specialist

    • Professional Counselling Diploma from Vancouver College of Counseling (2008)
    • Performance Coaching Certificate (2020)
    • Complex Trauma Coach (COMPASS) (2022)



    157 Wade Ave West. Penticton, BC

    – Serving clients across BC via Zoom –